Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for submission of material for Reduction ONLINE JURY PRIZE competition

By submitting material (‘the film’) to the Reduction Festival ONLINE JURY competition (‘the competition’), you (‘the submitter’) hereby confirm the following:

  • The submitter owns and is fully entitled to distribute the film in its entirety throughout the world and in perpetuity, including across the internet. Alternatively, the submitter is an approved agent of the film’s legal owners and can prove their approved status in writing if requested.
  • All rights and releases related to the film have been fully signed over to the film’s owners. That is: All music contained within the film is fully licensed.
  • All performers and persons appearing within the film (including in voice only) have signed appropriate release forms allowing the film to be distributed in its entirety in any part of the world in perpetuity
  • All contracted crew and production staff have been paid or will be paid within thirty days of the film’s submission if a payment has been agreed.
  • Footage obtained on private property and featured within the film has been licensed via a location agreement.
  • All archive footage or material sourced in any way outside of the film’s production has been fully licensed.
  • All release forms, license agreements, evidence of payment and contracts can be produced if requested by Reduction Festival. Reduction Festival reserves the right to remove a film from the competition at any stage if any legal infringements associated with the production or submission of the film are suspected.
  • The film contains no content that is likely to be considered racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise deeply offensive.
  • The film contains no material likely to incite violence or criminality.
  • The film contains no material likely to be considered pornographic in nature.
  • The film contains no material likely to be considered defamatory towards any person, or emotionally or financially damaging to any person.
  • The submitter accepts that Reduction Festival reserve the right to exclude any film from the competition on the basis of its content or the quality of its production. Only films of an environmental/green/ecological nature and/or agenda will be included in the competition and a maximum of thirty films will be included in the competition. The selection of these thirty films will be made by Reduction Festival.
  • The submitter grants to Reduction Festival the non-exclusive right to re-produce and distribute the film via the internet and the submitter accepts that no payment will be made in return for this non-exclusive right. Furthermore, the submitter grants to Reduction Festival the right to screen the film at events of Reduction Festival’s choosing as part of the Reduction Festival or associated events for a period of one year following the submission date.
  • Should the film win the competition, the submitter will accept a one off prize payment of one thousand pounds sterling. Any direct costs incurred in currency exchange will be deducted from the prize.
  • The submitter reserves the right to withdraw their film from the competition at any stage and can do so by requesting withdrawal by email: info@reductionfestival.org
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