Time Based Challenge

THIS COMPETITION TOOK PLACE BETWEEN 10th and 17th OCTOBER 2008. THE WINNER, ‘PAUSE’ by Mole Hill for NATURAL ENGLAND can be seen on our home page.

In a nutshell, the teams were paired randomly (by names being drawn from hats) with the sponsors of the festival. The filmmakers had a week to go away and write, design, shoot and edit the most imaginative, original, engaging and professional a film possible. The film in question could be of any format and genre (fiction, documentary, animation, even a music video) but had to explore and engage with a theme, topic or idea that had been suggested by the sponsor.

These were the films that were sponsored…..14 out of 17 were submitted on time.

Film Title Sponsor
1. Will You Cope Without Air Conditioning? Arup
2. Is Recycling Always the Best Option? Arup
3. How Much Water Did You Use Yesterday? Arup
4. If Leeds Had a Fever… How Would You Make Leeds Better?
Leeds City Council
5. How Young People View the Sustainability of the World
More Productions
6. Chatsworth vs Innercity
Green Estate
7. How Can Research and New Technology Help Us Turn the Corner on Climate Change?
University of Sheffield
8. Why Should We Care For Our Air?
9. Producing Low Impact Media Sheffield Independent Film
10. Building Temples to the Wind Gods
Sheffield Community Renewables
11. A Natural Health Service Natural England
12. If Business Cards Equalled Trees… Printing.com
13. Print Vs Screen
14. 50 Years From Now: The Environment in the Workplace Y&H Regional Skills Partnership
15. Greening Our 9 to 5
16. I See the Future in the Landscape Y&H Regional Environment Forum
17. David Vs Goliath Archipelago
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