Greener People A great forum website where you can discuss green issues with other like-minded people.
Wiki IdeBate A fantastic discussion site where there are forums on just about anything – including plenty of environmental concerns.
Global Mind Shift
A website dedicated to changing the global mindset to a more eco-friendly one through online, intellectual discussion sessions.
The Go-Green Debate A great site full of video clips and articles on current global green events.
Earth Forum
An online forum for environmental discussion and debate.

Endangered-Species International Climate change and pollution aren’t the only major environmental issues of the day; this is a great source of information on how our global problems affect the other hundred million species living on the planet.
Earthwatch The web page for the Earth Watch Institute, an organisation dedicated to the conservation and protection of the planet.
Royal Society: Climate Reliable facts and info on global problems from the UK’s leading Science institution.
Earth Portal A great website featuring current events, forum and encyclopaedia; all relating to the environment.
Green Phase A website full of useful information on the environment and climate change.

Treehugger This website takes green themes and fuses them brilliantly with suggestions on greener yet equally modern fashion, lifestyle and culture.
Carbon Footprint
The best ways to reduce your own carbon footprint and help save the planet can be found here.
Green Living Online Similar to, this website also explores food&drink, entertainment and other lifestyle issues insofar as they relate to green concerns.
Green Choices A UK based website containing practical guides to making environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes.
Green-Information A UK website with information on how to be more eco-friendly on a day-to-day basis.

Finger Lake Environmental Film Festival The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) is a one-week multimedia interarts extravaganza that reboots the environment and sustainability into a larger global conversation.
World-Environment Day The website for the official ‘World Environment Day’ with information on the day, the event and the message.
Green Events
A UK magazine website offering details of upcoming events aimed at raising environmental awareness.
Another website with info on upcoming UK green events.
Green Finder
A third UK-based webpage to promote forthcoming eco-friendly events.
A Greener Festival
Online source of information for music festivals with a ‘green theme.’

Green TV These are five online media websites playing host to tons of videos, articles, galleries and more, all with a dedicated green theme. Green media has become an increasingly prevalent in the last few years and these channels go a long way to prove the width and breadth of their scheduling.
Go Green Tube
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