1.Electric Scooters Tickle Europe

Electric Scooters Tickle Europe

Synopsis (provided by filmmaker): Take 3 petrol drivers, 2 electric scooters, 275 miles from London, England to Brussels, Belgium – in an attempt to push these environmentally friendly bikes to their limit. Along the way we met up with an assortment of characters as we desperately looked for places to charge up and sleep or the night.….and all that on a blistering 19 miles per hour.

Credits: Directed by Omar Sattaur.


8 Responses

  1. Loved it xxx

  2. Really a good documentary

  3. Awesome!!! great documentary….

  4. Nice idea and nicely executed. Best part was Omar cycling up the hill ” Nearly there, Nearly there…”
    Good job, keep it up.

  5. A very good documentry i had ever seen……

  6. Thank you soo much! Thank you for your support, we’l be making plenty more in the future, will keep you all updated, thanks again


  7. Very Brave
    Good work keep it up

  8. hi guy’s we’ve all just voted for you – and good luck with the next trip!

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