2.More For Less

More For Less

Synopsis (provided by filmmaker): Two educated men called Martin and Alfred who have been living over the past few years from the excessive waste generated by other people and supermarkets. In a way they have chosen to go against the societal norm of having steady, paid jobs and yet survive comfortably by not participating in the process of earning money and adding to the burden of existing over-consumption; as they put it ‘being content to live off less’.

In the film they take this hard stand of living on just what you need to the next level by walking around London for 7 days and being able to find enough from people/markets to live off it. Its survival extreme!

Credits: Directed by Sonal Sachdeva.


18 Responses

  1. I prefear more for less !!

  2. Yes please my vote is for this film.

  3. Very interesting! Loved it.

  4. Excellent and insightful!

  5. Great documentary. A lot of people don’t have the courage to do what these men are doing. We do not seem to care about what goes into our land fill sites, even if it is perfectly edible food. Even if people get inspired to do what these men are doing, the supermarkets are now locking away their skips. They seem to be so driven by money and power that it doesn’t seem to matter what is ethical.

    Just makes me sick thinking about the waste that is generated in our country.
    Well done Sonal!

  6. Great Insightful

  7. Very Insightful and Intersting. I vote for More for Less.

  8. The documentary is excellent. It just confirms my thoughts on the comsumer driven market that we live and the waste we generate as a result of it.

    Sonal thank you to bringinging it out. We can see here how Martin and Alfred are able to live using the stuff that the consumer driven market is labelling as waste.

    We need to learn to live with a minimalist attitude, if we want to save the green earth.

  9. Really loved this one

  10. “More for Less” is an excellent illustration of how consumerism is leading us to generating excessive wastage.

    It is amazing to see these men living on items which are fit for consumption but are looked at by us as wastage. We need to learn to live with a minimalist attitude, if we want to save the green earth.

  11. it is very inspiring! then all the free hugs made me cry….in a good way of course.

  12. wow really brave, I did wonder though as they were hugging people in the street, where they managed to wash!

  13. Neat idea

  14. Superb…….

  15. Good Job Sonal

  16. Great Insight !!!!!!!

    Keep up the gud work.

  17. I have been living off waste for the last 10 years and it has its ups and downs and also go to large eating halls to get food what if left over on the plates, this involves just sitting down when they leave and start eating. This is always guaranteed when I am low or no food. A few of the bins have been locked but now with agreement with security I go to the bins at night time and then no one will see me. At times I have way too much food and so have a dinner party and then tell them after that it all came from a bin, they laugh and realy do not believe me as if just one item did but I tell them even the plates and cups!! The problem I have at the moment is trying to get money to pay me rent which is required as I have been given housing from the government which they tell me to get a job etc etc to pay the bills for green power and other bills. Their is food every where and it is a matter of just seeing it!! At times I forget whom I are with and just pick things up and eat them which can cause a strange reaction for people. Here we stay in touch with other bin (dumpster divers ) to get the best locations and share the find. Cheers and good one

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