4.Wild West Going Green

Wild West Going Green

Synopsis (provided by filmmaker): A documentary with animation told by the residents of Knowle West, a social housing estate in Bristol. Presented by two boys, it shows the challenges faced building momentum to develop locally driven and relevant environmental projects. This film is a powerful testament to a community’s green and sustainable way of living.

Credits: Directed by Penny Evans.


4 Responses

  1. Wild West Goes Green documentary/animation is BRILLIANT – As a Knowle Wester I think the message given is loud and clear. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the film and in turn continue to encourage locals to consider their/our carbon print 🙂

  2. local people need films like this to express their views and belief to their community in words that their neighbours can understand especially when getting the green message across, that lots of people find confusing its a fabulous film to watch

  3. fantastic, it’s given me some ideas, so empowering to hear from people who are just getting on with being in community. Loved the fact that it was presented by boys on bikes. Dispells so many prejudices.

  4. A very well made documentary which brought back memories of living in Knowle West many years ago. Here is a great example of people working together to build a strong sense of community spirit while making their neighbourhood a more greener and eco friendly place to live.

    Jayne, Canada

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