3.Effing Art

Effing Art

Synopsis (provided by filmmaker): The film is about the life of an unwanted CD who finds salvation in the home of an artist.

Credits: Directed, edited, shot and puppeteered by Davy McGuire, starring Annette Beja and David Miles.


20 Responses

  1. Excellent, excellent,

    So cool- transmuting harmful to useful and beautiful!


  2. Love the gentle sensibility behind this film…

  3. Really enjoyed effing art film gets the message across in a humourous manner.

  4. Be good, be nice. be wonderfull . . . this film are all three.

  5. brilliant production , excellent ecological message.well done!

  6. great stuff

  7. Amazing and sensible film on serious topic.
    Go on like this.

  8. A nice film, real lovely.. A promising producer.

  9. Lovely to see you ‘following your heart’ in such a clever and inspriring way Davy. I was captivated and informed .Great to to see Annettte and David on film – what ‘true stars’. Will now check out the website for Effing Films.

  10. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great idea……. best of luck for the festival…….

  11. Davy, this is lovely…well done 🙂 I feel so sorry for that little dweeb x

  12. best film:effing art

  13. This film is the very best by far to share deep and lasting creative consideration to the future of our environment.

  14. Brilliance with charm!!
    Love Liz

  15. Loved it!

  16. Great work and good choice of music!

  17. thanks. i enjoyed it a lot! Poor CDs we take them for granted don’t we. This video shows us not to just throw things away because they are old!!

  18. beautiful simple idea brilliantly executed! Full of heart!!!
    Love it!!!

  19. Beautiful, bless you!

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