4.Wake Up Freak Out

Wake Up Freak Out

Synopsis (provided by filmmaker): Hardly anyone seems to have noticed that the newest climate science suggests we are about to pass the point of no return, to unstoppable, catastrophic global warming. It’s not yet too late – but it is much, much later than you think.

Credits: Directed by Leo Murray.


6 Responses

  1. stunning

  2. This was the best I have seen so far. I will be forwarding this to all my friends a family!

    Thank you for this enlightening film!

  3. brilliant, both in form and content

  4. very good presentation of the interrelationships that could sink the planet…with a great call to action.

  5. Forget credit crunch, wars and celebrities – Planet earth is the real issue – as shown in this wonderful piece – Fight the system with creativity and we’ll win – Big up Leo and all the Gang – Trees are the keys to lock the relentless damage – and alot more films like this to wake up the zombies(majority of UK society). X.

  6. vital and clearly put so very useable for teaching purposes

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