DVD compilation


DVD compilation

For the  24/7 competition organised by Reduction, 12 filmmaking teams were given 7 days to each make a film on a topical environmental issue.

This DVD contains the results.

Track Listing:

l: Pause (health, natural environment)

2: Air Con (air conditioning)

3: Is Recycling Always the Best Option?


4: 3 Men in a Pub (urban green spaces)

5: Getting to know … Paperdex (paper recycling)

6: Hot Air (air quality, pollution)

7: Heat the Abode Jack (renewable energy)

8: I See the Future in the Landscape (urban


9: Your City, Your Health (transport, health)

lO: Turning the Corner (climate change)

ll: Print v Screen (paper, electronics)

l2: How Much Water Did You Use? (water usage)


£6 for individuals (inc p&p)
£250 for commercial use (inc p&p)

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