Film 10

“Building Temples to the Wind Gods”
Sponsored by Sheffield Community Renewables.

SCR came about after an inspired performance by one of our founder members at a public meeting, where he urged people to get involved by evoking a theatrical stirring vision of ‘building temples to the wind gods’

We’d like a film which:

o is inspiring, engaging, fun …

o makes people think about the role of renewable energy in our world and how they personally relate to it

o helps people to understand the different scales that are involved and explores the role/potential of community power schemes in the mix

o leaves a sense that personal and local collective action is worthwhile, without simply telling people that so long as they ‘do their bit’ (change a light bulb, recycle their plastic bag) we’ll all be ok.

o Takes a firm line on the seriousness of climate change and the scale of action which is required. But also takes a positive, constructive approach in presenting opportunities and solutions.

Some further thoughts and ideas…

Ø Renewable energy schemes: can be bigger than the sum of their electrons. They have the power to inspire, enthuse and catalyse further action. They are more than just functional installations. They are things of beauty, perhaps even awe (latter day temples to the wind, sun and water gods!?).

Ø Community scale power: has the potential to create a community spirit and a shared purpose, a focus for local action, and a vehicle for awareness raising and education; provides a reminder that energy is a finite and valuable resource; is an emblem of change, modernity, and light living; is about looking forwards rather than holding on to the past.

Ø Scale: We recognise that we can’t create a low carbon society based on a few 100kw schemes alone. However the urgency of our situation requires action at all levels from the individual all the way up to the global. Community scale action helps to provide a link between these extremes: Making individual action seem more significant and global issues more comprehensible. It can also build local acceptability, sway public opinion and pave the way for bigger and grander designs into the future.

Ø Intelligent solutions: Renewable energy provides part of an energy solution, but only part. There are important pitfalls to avoid:

o Renewable energy mustn’t become a diversion from practical and cost effective energy efficiency measures, nor should it be allowed to provide an excuse to carry on living in an unsustainable energy intensive way.

o Tiny wind turbines in silly locations are not part of the solution, nor are poor quality high carbon intensity biofuels. Nor are these worst case examples reasons to denigrate all projects and all forms of renewable energy.

Anecdotes of ‘gling’ (green bling) are on the rise. (e.g. Installing solar panels on a north facing roof, because that’s the one the neighbours see). This sort of thing is just silly.

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