Film 16

“I See the Future in the Landscape”
Sponsored by Yorkshire and Humber Regional Environment Forum.

There is a huge diversity of landscapes in Yorkshire – rugged coastlines, expansive lowland levels and floodplains, dramatic uplands and windswept peat moorlands, some places changed beyond recognition by industry….

Big changes are coming, mainly due to the climate, the growing population, the fragile economics of farming and the pressure to generate renewable energy. All of these changes could have profound effects on the landscape. How do we accommodate change within all those valued landscapes that we know and cherish?  What will these changes look like?  How will they alter our relationships with our landscapes?  What do our local landscapes mean for us?  What do they offer us, and how can we ensure that they continue to offer us that range of opportunities / experiences as pressures increase and changes come about – for taking the dog for a walk, for spiritual refreshment, for inspiration, for extreme and less extreme sports, for food, stone, minerals, wind and water power, to live in, to move about in, to give us a sense of belonging, reassurance, a sense of identity, a connection with our pasts? Picking one or two landscapes look at the various changes/pressures.

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