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“How Much Water Did You Use Yesterday?”
Sponsored by Arup.

According to the UK water regulator, Ofwat, when people pay for water indirectly they don’t know that an average bath costs about 15 pence to fill, a toilet flush about 1.5p, a machine wash about 11p and an hour using a hosepipe about 95p. Being more aware of how much water you use and paying for it on that basis is seen by many people as one of the best ways of reducing demand.

Smart metering provides real time feedback on use and cost. In many countries water meters have been installed to all domestic dwellings, not necessarily to reduce demand but simply as a method of charging. Despite these benefits some consumer representatives and social commentators are critical on the grounds that low income customers may limit their use to save money at the expense of proper health or hygiene. Metering has a cost that must be assessed against benefits if metering policy is to be sustainable.

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