Film 4

“If Leeds had a fever … how could we Make Leeds Better?”

Sponsored by Leeds City Council.

Too much climate change communication is based on dry facts, information and guilt.  But people don’t respond to that.  Recent studies have shown that linking climate change to factors of common concern – health, wealth, fitness and attractiveness – massively reinforces the message and makes the likelihood of people responding favourably far higher.  We would like a film-maker to think this through and use the linkages between action on climate change and personal health and well-being as the basis for their film.  The subject is broad and open to interpretation – healthy seasonal food; personal reward and psychological well-being; walking and cycling for fitness; insulated and comfortable homes – but the overriding message has to be positive and focus on health and climate change.

We want to use the film widely within Leeds, including on the big screen in Millennium Square; on the Leeds Initiative website; through health sector partners and targeted at relevant organisations and groups dependent on the films content.

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