Film 6

Chatsworth vs Inner City

Sponsored by Green Estate

Green Estate was founded on the principles of creating Productive Landscapes within the inner city. Of turning ‘waste’ (land, people, resources) into something of value, and in particular in providing some viable options for what are inherently sterile ‘green’ environments in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods.

We started by auditing ‘our’ estate – the 600 odd hectares that make up one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. Initial schemes were developed that might develop saleable products from environmental and social problems. Over time successful products (and a few failures) have helped to establish a profitable business which also reduces transport miles, reduces imports, promotes local supply, enhances the environment, improves the local economy – and importantly demonstrates workable models. After 10 years of guerilla warfare we feel that we have only just started on a journey of discovery around alternative approaches to inner city land management

But can urban landscapes really become productive and more sustainable? Is the ‘country estate’ model that we have adopted appropriate? Can the small and local operator reach the parts that major commercial companies can’t? Does encouraging environmentally sound practices lead to a better community, both economically and socially? Are there alternative options?

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