Film 7

How Can Research and New Technology Help us Turn the Corner on Climate Change?
Sponsored by the University of Sheffield

The University’s research groups cover a number of areas in relation to Energy and Environmental change. Using any of the themes below, we would like to see a film which investigates the role that research and new technology can play in helping us turn the corner on climate change.

In “Energy”, the University has research groups working on waste incineration and associated power generation, on low carbon combustion with contracts from E.ON, Shell, Npower and Rolls Royce, energy technology and efficiency, energy storage and electrical drives, transport technologies and power and lighting from renewable energy sources.

In “Global Environmental Change” the University’s research agenda deals with the sustainable management of the environment and its resources through advancing our knowledge of the interactions between the climate, biosphere, ecosystems and human activities.  Research covers a huge number of aspects of climate change including ecological, geological and geographical, archaeological changes and climate change’s impact on the ecosystem, biodiversity, geography, architecture, landscape, and human health.

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