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Using innovative methods of coaching and training PeopleProfitPlanet engages all staff in the environmental challenges we face. Using employees own ideas and energy they are guided to focus on what everyone can do to have a valuable impact on their organisation and the environment. This supports the organisations environmental policy making and so helping the individuals and employer on their green journey.

The process is outlined as follows:

  • Full team ‘Eco-power Workshops’, in which employees are engaged to consider the environmental challenges we face, think about the easy achievable ways to reduce environmental impact and to commit to a personal action plan.
  • Green Action Planning Groups – bringing senior management and staff representatives together in order to create environmental strategies and measurable targets.
  • Ongoing Engagement – employees are encouraged and supported to reach environmental targets, review objectives, evaluate performance, provide support and celebrate success. In addition to training techniques we use email and Web 2.0 techniques to embed the new green behaviours.

The resulting impact of PPP’s powerful process fulfils the aim of changing organisations from the inside out, empowering change, inspiring action and creating awareness. All of which result in benefits for the employees themselves, the organisations bottom line and the planet.

PeopleProfitPlanet has achieved notable success in many areas since its inception with clients ranging from large organisations such as Unilever, Prudential, Barnsley NHS trust and BITC to professional services companies such as Watson Burton Solicitors.

Feedback has been universally positive with comments from senior business leaders such as: “Empowering process”, “Encourages positive action within the team”, “Really inspires you to do something!”. Additionally, the actions taken by all the individuals and companies have led to considerable carbon footprint and waste reduction.

PeopleProfitPlant have contributed one film to the 24/7 Filmmaking Challenge.

Film 15 – Greening Our 9 to 5

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