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Caring for the Environment is Fundamental to Everything We Do

Our business works because we’re as efficient as possible. We use as few resources as we can. Fewer resources mean less waste. And what’s more, we’ve been operating in this way long before it became fashionable to do so. Quite simply, we’re the leaders of the pack. So it made sense to get involved in Sheffield’s first environmental film festival, with PRINTING.COM providing 100% recycled promotional materials for the festival.

Sarah Simpkins (MD, PRINTING.COM) said: “We’re very excited about this – Sheffield is a very innovative city which PRINTING.COM have always been proud to be part of – having led the field where environmentally-friendly print production is concerned we jumped at the chance to support this innovative film festival. I am also a HUGE film fan so am thrilled to get involved.”

Richard Keenan added: “Environment Room Ltd is pleased to have PRINTING.COM involved with the Reduction Festival. Having used PRINTING.COM Sheffield numerous times in the past they were our first choice. We have always found them to be efficient, friendly and genuinely interested in the environmental concerns that we are involved with. Their sponsorship of Reduction Festival shows their commitment to the Region’s – and the World’s – environmental agenda.”

PRINTING.COM have contributed two films to the 24/7 Filmmaking Challenge.

Film 12 – If Business Cards Equalled Trees…

Film 13 – Print Vs Screen

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