Sponsor: Sheffield Community Renewables

About SCR

Sheffield Community Renewables (SCR) is a local voluntary group. We support and develop renewable energy projects in and around Sheffield. We are particularly interested in approaches, which benefit local people in addition to direct carbon savings. We are exploring various potential community scale schemes. We are also working with schools to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Community Power

We are exploring the possibility of generating hydro-power using one or more of Sheffield’s historic weirs. A typical weir on the river Don could generate up to 100 kW of electricity. With modern efficient buildings and lighter lifestyles, this is enough power for 100s of people. Our plan is to fund the scheme via a local share offer.

Energy in Schools

Renewable energy generation in schools is an exciting idea. The benefits go beyond low carbon power. It provides a valuable educational resource and helps to raise awareness and understanding of environment and energy issues amongst students, teachers, parents and within the local community. Visible energy generation helps remind us that energy is a finite and valuable resource. It also helps to reinforce and sustain equally important but perhaps less exciting work around energy efficiency.

Sheffield Community Renewables have contributed one film to the 24/7 Filmmaking Challenge.

Film 10: Title to Follow

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