Sponsor: University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of the leading Universities in the United Kingdom, with an international reputation for excellence in learning and teaching, research and knowledge transfer.

Research into aspects of climate change – its causes and effects and how they might be mitigated – is a key area of the University’s research. This is demonstrated by the fact that of the University’s nine Interdisciplinary Research Networks, two concern climate change – one focuses on Energy, another on Global Environmental Change.

Each network brings together brings together world-class researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines – from science, engineering, and social science – to encourage the exchange and cross-fertilisation of ideas, approaches and results. The strength of the  University in research also means that its students benefit from the culture of new ideas and advances, so that the next generation of graduates are equipped to understand and combat the effects of climate change.

The University of Sheffield has contributed one film to the 24/7 Filmmaking Challenge:

Film 7: How Can Research and New Technology Help us Turn the Corner on Climate Change?

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